Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend you reserve a ride with our transportation partner: Transportation Network . They will meet right outside the  baggage claim. From the time your plane touches down, till you are at our door, is typically 2 hours or less. And remember: you won't need directions or to hassle with snowy conditions, congestion, parking, etc. Please contact us for their information to make reservations.

The town lift is less than a quarter mile (or a 5 minute walk) down Main Street. The free trolley will take you there from our front door. If you're skiing Deer Valley, you'll need to catch a bus for a 5 minute ride at the Town Lift or the Transit Center.

There are no discounts once you're in Park City. You can go online to websites like Liftopia to see if you can purchase tickets at a discount in advance. 

Unfortunately no, but the rooms have complete kitchens and the Eating Establishment down the street serves breakfast beginning at 7am.

We replaced our energy-sucking, water-wasting pool with an earth friendly 10'x20' therapy spa/pool. The spa is hot in winter and refreshingly cool for summer. The spa offers unrivaled ambiance when the cascading waterfalls are turned on. The heated benches next to the spa, will keep your towels warm while you soak, too. Kinda cool, huh?

The Park City municipal course (one of the top 50 municipal course in the country) is less than 2 miles away. There are 6 other courses within a 30 minute drive or less.

If the room is available when you request it, you may pay a 15% premium or $50, whichever is more, to ensure you are assigned to it. But just ask, and if we can manage it, we will assign you to it on the day of arrival. We're trying to make everyone comfortable.

Right here!! Using Ski Valet. They bring the equipment right to your room and fit you out in the latest gear.

For you DIY types, we recommend Precision Skis just a few steps downhill of us. We recommend you book online to secure your skis in advance during busy periods.

Not in the rooms, but there is a fireplace in the lobby and a floor to ceiling fireplace in the Great Room.

In this economy?! You betcha! Check them out at on our specials page.

More than what? We impose a 1% Open Space Impact Fee on the guest which we pass along to Summit Land Conservancy. Mostly, we just feel it is our moral imperative to run as earth-friendly a business as possible. We enjoy finding ways to reduce our impact and take great satisfaction in the process. We hope that you will see our efforts, share your own ideas, and help us keep Park City, and the surrounding environment, a special place to visit and live.

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