We've seen a lot of changes in the last 50 years

Hotel Improvements

Treasure Mountain Inn was Park City’s first modern hotel


So, in 2003 we re-imagined how an ideally located, nearly-historic hotel with prime real estate on Main Street should work and feel like almost 50 years later…
This set us upon a course to green-up, clean-up, strip-down, lighten-up, and keep-up—we moved a wall here, removed an inefficient pool there: here some paint, there a sign, everywhere new lights, lights.

Nursery rhymes aside: throughout the process, the objective has been to not just make the property more visually appealing, but also to improve its function, while reducing its negative impacts. We sacrificed an under-utilized, energy-consumptive pool for a bigger, more inviting Jacuzzi. We increased the gathering areas in the courtyard, planted native trees, refinished, freshened and brightened the hallways.

We modernized the room layouts, replaced the old kitchens and baths, and kept only what was best in each unit—a large, well-proportioned floor plan with lots of space to spread out and relax! A/C, large beds and comfortable furniture round out our updated sleeping rooms. Each room is unique, but also is designed to be elegant, functional, stylish and most of all comfortable. In sum, we made them in the image of what we’d like to come home to after a day in the mountains.

And we haven't stopped!

More Recent Improvements Include:

  • Ride to the Sky - A long-awaited glass elevator on the North End and elevated dining was completed in 2012.

  • TMI Solar System - You could say we've spent a lifetime chasing the sun, and finally we've caught it! Well, our photovoltaic collectors have. Our 4 KW system (with more to come) powers the spa equipment and courtyard lighting. What we don't use goes into the grid. Cool, huh?

  • 100% Carbon-Neutral Since 2008 - Now, we're taking some of the carbon out of the atmosphere by putting solar energy into the grid.

  • More and More Premium Rooms - Now, there's less chance than ever you might end up in that funky one.

  • Extended front desk hours (2010)

  • Added fireplace and lounge area to Lobby (2007)

  • Courtyard: replaced the pool with a therapy spa, heated benches and expanded patio for weddings, outdoor meetings and other special events. (2006)

  • Extended and strengthened our FREE wireless Internet (2000 to present)

  • Fitness center (2006)

  • Replaced our old coin-op with 3 new water-efficient guest laundries (honor system) (2006)

  • Expanded security system

Environmental Improvements

  • 1% for Open Space.

  • In addition to the 1% for the Planet, we collect a 1% Impact Fee to preserve our pristine mountains, fresh air and clean, clear water.  Thanks for your participation.

  • Our therapy spa uses a salinity-based sanitizing system rather than chlorine
    Solar Power!

  • Our new AC and heat pumps have a SEER (energy efficiency) rating of 19 to 21, which is 3 to 4 times higher than conventional systems.

  • We expanded our recycling efforts throughout the property

  • We upgraded our laundries to water and energy-efficient front load machines

  • See our ECO EFFORTS page for more info.